Your opportunity to enhance the safety of hundreds of emergency services workers who put their lives on the line every day

**Expression of Interest**

Createc have developed a technology that has the potential to increase the duration of self contained breathing apparatus, thereby giving an increased safety margin for wearers.

The technology (patent applied for) currently offers a 30% increase in the duration of SCBA but has the potential to provide almost a 100% increase in duration.

Most SCBA sets in common usage can provide up to 30 minutes duration, so theoretically we can double this duration to around 60 minutes.

We now need to refine the technology to establish the optimum practical increase in duration.

Griffith University (School of Allied Health Sciences) have agreed to work with us on this exciting project to provide the expertise and equipment required to provide scientific testing and validation.

We are also fortunate in having the support of MSA and a number of Fire Brigades and Fire Training facilities.