SCBA Control & Telemetry

Recent developments in radio networking technology has prompted me to revisit the subject of SCBA Telemetry. I have always held the belief that SCBA Control should be part of an overall incident command and control system. I am currently reestablishing links with interested parties with a view to creating a new generation of SCBA Telemetry.

I am hoping to work with SCBA Manufacturers and Incident Command system suppliers to develop a new generation of equipment that takes advantage of the advances in radio networking and to integrate SCBA Control and Telemetry in Incident Command & Control Software.

Indications are good, so watch this space........

I have taken on the Australian and New Zealand agency for an Incident Command system developed in the UK.

I took on this product as its a great example of what can be achieved when end users and developers work together.

The incident command system has a number of key features:

    It was developed with the input of a steering committee consisting of twelve UK Metropolitan Fire Brigades


    Cloud Based

    The same software can be used for both training and operations


    Its 25,000 pounds a year with no limit on the number of users

Sad end to Siebe Gorman

Siebe Gorman Pty Ltd (a company with a history dating back nearly 200 years) was placed into liquidation last year by one of its creditors. Unfortunately the liquidation has left a number of creditors owed significant amounts of money.






Sad loss of an old friend and colleague

Long time friend and colleague Andy morrision pased away following a short illness. Andy was retired firefighter and ex Manager of Interspiro Asia Pacific. Andy and I have been friends for many years and have worked on a number of Breathing Apparatus projects together. Could always rely on Andy for a down to earth answer to a problem and his expertise was much valued.

Andy leaves behind a partner, children and grandchildren.

Andy you are sadly missed.

Andy Morrison 22nd September 1948 - 23rd September 2019